Disney launches NFT platform “Disney Pinnacle” in partnership with Dapper Lab

Disney launches NFT platform “Disney Pinnacle” in partnership with Dapper Lab

Disney has teamed up with blockchain and metaverse company Dapper Labs to create the NFT platform “Disney Pinnacle.” This platform brings together all Disney fans from around the world!


In its full name; The Walt Disney Company is a globally known company in the entertainment industry. Disney operates in several sectors, including film, television, merchandise, theme parks, and media distribution. You’ve probably heard of Snow White, The Lion King, or Frozen at some point. The company is very well known for these beloved animation classics and so are many more!

Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs is a platform that uses blockchain technology to collect NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Dapper Labs has attracted a lot of attention with the NBA Top Shot project. This involved creating NFTs of moments from basketball games. As a result, many sports fans made their entry into the world of NFTs.

The Launch

Nov. 14, 2023, Dapper Labs announced the launch of Disney Pinnacle. Fans of cartoon characters collected over the century can now collect, trade and trade as unique digital pins. Disney Pinnacle will feature not only Disney characters but also icons from Pixar and heroes and villains from Star Wars.

Marketplace app

The new marketplace will appear as a downloadable app later this year. For android users in the Google Play Store and for IOS users in the Apple App Store. This allows users to exchange their pins securely and instantly with each other wherever they are. Also, they can now carry their collection with them at all times.

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