NFT Landing page

Non-fungible tokens, commonly known as NFTs, are already rocking everywhere! As the hype goes on, more and more people are looking to create and sell their NFTs to gain fame and money in a short time.

Like any other NFT enthusiast, you have created and minted your NFT. So far, so good. Now, when it comes to selling it, you need to put in an additional effort. Yes, you must create an awesome landing page!

In this article, we look at what is an NFT landing page, what it must include, and more. So, let’s get started.


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What is an NFT Landing Page?

In common parlance, an NFT landing page is a standalone page mainly created for marketing or advertising campaigns. It is the page on which a visitor lands once they click on a link in email, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, or such. You can Create a landing page with our NFT Website builder. 

You are able to create a NFT Website homepage and create a separate page for the Minting website. So you can create a optimized landing page for optimal conversion.

Don’t forget to check out are pre-built NFT Website templates.

In contrast to web pages, which serve multiple purposes, NFT landing pages are solely aimed at achieving the single goal known as the “Call to Action” (CTA). This refers to making the visitor to the page click the CTA button to take the required action like “Sign in”  or “Enter your email address” and such.

The idea behind having an NFT landing page is to make visitors come to this space and click the CTA button to take action. Its focus is to increase the conversion rates in the marketing campaign while reducing the cost of acquiring a lead.

As the user clicks on the link on the email, ad, or social media, they will likely make a purchase or register.

NFT Landing page VS NFT Website

Well, there are some key differences between an NFT landing page and an NFT home page, though they appear subtle.
NFT home pages have several links that can distract potential users from different tracks. NFT landing pages have a single focused link that the user is likely to click to know more.

Another point is it’s true that the NFT home page offers multiple options so the potential buyer can check the various NFTs in the gallery, and look for any recent news, press releases, NFT services, and more. While a user may visit and browse each of these links, it’s possible that they don’t intend to buy any NFT.

On the flip side, the NFT landing page focuses on super slick ads that promote a single amazing offer and does all the hard work to convert a visitor into a customer.

In a nutshell, the entire purpose of the NFT landing page is to focus on conversions and bringing in more business rather than just brand promotion.


What elements constitute an NFT landing page?

Your landing page must include the most crucial elements essential to convert. Check out the below pointers to help you out.

All said, your visitors first need to see what options they have for purchasing. Showcase your best collection of NFTs in a dedicated section of the NFT gallery to attract more people. Remember, the more choices you showcase, the more memorable and unique your landing page will be.

For NFT landing pages, a CTA would ideally include an option to mint the NFTs. Provide a simple yet attractive call-to-action like “Mint now”. Make sure your process or software to mint is user-friendly and convenient to use.

It’s a tendency to remember things that have an interesting, mesmerizing story in their backdrop. So create fascinating lore that people would attach to your NFT collection the moment they think of your NFTs. With a great story, you can make people dive deeper and establish a long-lasting connection to your NFT project.

NFT landing pages must contain information on how to add rarity attributes and thus increase their worth. It’s the rarity element that NFT enthusiasts crave. This is a great signal in attracting and converting visitors in huge numbers.

People would be keen to know your plans for NFT projects ahead. Make sure to include a brief on your short-term sales and giveaways. Share your long-term plans to create a marketplace or metaverse community.

It’s always good to present your team members with their professional skills and experience on your NFT landing page. You can showcase them in NFT avatars, a great way to introduce them. This would create interest and build confidence in the visitors, making them feel assured about the authenticity of your NFT project.

Do add Discord as it lets you integrate your server to any website as a widget. In the NFT space, building and growing a community makes a lot of difference. Adding a widget is an amazing way to get started with community building!

Your customers might have some queries. You could make it easier for them by responding from the NFT landing page. Besides, add some educational stuff on blockchain, NFTs, etc., to help them gain insights.

Wrapping up

NFT landing pages are like – make or break the deal.

Creating awesome landing pages allows you to turn your visitors into customers in no time. In contrast, paying less heed to the design and structure of these pages could make you lose potential customers. So follow the pointers outlined in the article to carve the best-of-its-kind NFT landing page.

We at iMintify, are experts in designing NFT websites, landing pages, minting services, and a lot more. Feel free to reach out to us here.

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