Best NFT Creator Apps

Bring your NFT project, we’ll handle the rest. Deploy NFT projects in minutes with our NFT Creator Apps.  iMintify is the No-Code platform that takes the complexity out of creating NFTs.

Build your complete NFT with our No-Code builders. From NFT Generation to a fully customized Minting website. Not to forget we have Free NFT creator apps available with No Watermark. We offer Self-Service and Custom NFT development services.

NFTs set the stage for a new dimension of the artwork. In fact, they have created a fascination for art. The frenzy around NFTs is on an astronomical rise and shows no signs of slowing down.

NFT Creator – the complete NFT art package that brings all you need. Our objective is to enable everyone to design their NFTs without coding. We make creating NFTs and generating collections possible for all. With NFT Creator, we offer a complete array of services, including creating NFT art, generating your NFT collection, creating your NFT smart contract, and launching your NFT minting website.Unleash your creativity and discover the artist in you.

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Let’s start develop your NFT here

Start building your No-Code NFTs. All-in-one platform to create your complete NFT collection. See our most popular features below. 

Create your complete NFT project in just 3 steps! 

1. NFT Generator

Upload assets configure rarity settings and generate.​

2. Smart Contract Creator

Build your Smart Contract easily with no-code builder.​

3. NFT Website builder

Choose and import website templates to start building.


NFT Generator

Generate your NFT Art collection

Our generator will help you to generate any collection. We support trait, and layer rarities. Free option available.

No-Code NFT Generator

No technical knowledge required. Upload assets and click Generate.

Preview mode

View the full generated NFT collection and edit traits visual.

Up to 10k Collection

Can generate up to 10.000 image layers.

Rarity settings

Upload assets configure rarity settings and generate.​

The NFT market is expanding, and people are getting richer overnight. The right NFT creation tool can help create millions of NFTs with just one click. Want to have your own NFT art collection? We can help you.

With our niche NFT generator, add layers and make your art unique. Set traits and configure the rarity of each layer and every trait. Import PNGs easily by drag and drop complete folders. 

Generate awesome collections in your format. Create multiple characters and enhance your story art. Use varied layers to bring out the NFT artist in you. Rest assured, we provide metadata compatible with your blockchain.

Get started and generate as many as 10,000 collections!


NFT Smart Contract Creator

Create your Smart Contract

Setting up a smart-contract is can be easy. Set the rarity, mint fees, and deploy to the Blockchain. We will care about everything.

Visual Wizard builder

Build your NFT Smart Contract easily with our Wizard. Step by step.

Deploy in a few clicks

Pick the contract you need and click deploy.

Multiple Blockchains

Choose one of the EVM Blockchains to deploy your Smart Contract.

Upload assets to IPFS

Automatic upload all your assets to IPFS for Free.

A smart contract is a set of code statements that automatically executes when certain pre-defined conditions are met. NFTs are based on smart contracts. They contain information like the creator's info, the ownership history, and the parties that would receive royalties. 

The smart contract allows performing the function that the NFT is meant for. The process involves creating a smart contract, uploading the assets, and deploying the smart contract. Once done, NFT is ready to mint.

Use our Smart Contract Builder and build them in a few minutes. Select the blockchain, upload the images, pay the mint fees, and deploy the smart contract. You are almost done!

Everything else, we do for you through our NFT minting website.


NFT Website builder

Create your NFT Website

Create a custom minting website without a single line of code. Set up your website in minutes. Pick a theme and configure it to your liking. You can start for Free.

Visual Builder

Choose a pre-made template to start en and start editing.

Deploy in a few clicks

Choose a pre-made template and you are almost ready to go.

Web3 integrated

Mint function, NFT Gateway and Connect wallet function all integrated.


Create NFT Gallery or Marketplace to make a showcase of your collection.

NFTs aren't just digital files like .png or .jpeg. They're unique and give you ownership of them. So, what makes them unique? NFT Minting. This process adds value to the NFTs by providing specific attributes such as a unique identifier (ID) and metadata, ensuring their uniqueness. Without minting, NFTs are just image files that can be copied and have no meaning.

An NFT minting website is a platform that allows you to mint NFTs. The minting website provides a user-friendly interface where you enter basic information, upload the file, and see it transformed into an NFT.

We offer pre-built NFT website templates and amazing themes that you can edit, customize, and design for your NFT minting website. There's no coding required. Choose the NFT website template, edit the content, and launch your NFT site in just a few steps. It's easy and fun!

We offer great features to integrate with your NFT website, such as a Mint function, NFT Whitelist Signup, NFT Gateway, and a fully integrated Marketplace.

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NFT Generator Promo video

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