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With the NFT hype rising, you certainly want to be a part of the revolution. Why be happy with just one NFT when you can create several thousand with little effort? Yup! NFT generators offer the simplest yet fitting ways to create infinite NFTs. You can generate a mind-blowing collection with just a click!

Use our no-code NFT generator that can bring unique, enthralling NFTs for you with absolutely zero code. You can create as many as 10,000 collections of NFTs in no time. Bring out the artist in you by generating vivid collections of gorgeous NFTs!

In recent years, NFT art has gained a lot of significance, resulting in a new clan of artists - digital artists. With some of them rising to fame and making huge money overnight, the art became incredibly popular.

Let’s understand how NFT generates artwork. Well, it is certainly a complex process. However, by following the simple steps we have outlined, you could easily come up with a  wonderful piece of artwork.

Create your image

This is the most vital step in your NFT art generation. So, make sure you spend enough time and decide on an appropriate character. You can take the help of a digital illustrator or even a traditional illustrator who can create hand-drawn images and show you the way to a worthwhile NFT.

Get the art into a digital package

Layering is an important element in NFT generative art. As per the current trends, NFTs are squares 600x600 pixels. It’s highly recommended that the artists use tools like Photoshop or another open-source graphical package which renders layered art.

The base character, say a man, must be at the bottom layer. Next, add layer groups above each of its attributes like headwear, eyewear, clothing, accessories, and more. Switch the base layer well to ensure the attributes sit properly on the base character.

Get the layers correct

This is a critical step, where you must ensure that each layer is at the proper level to avoid any problems that may arise while generating the image. Once you have the base character and all the attributes and variations created in layers, the creative side is completed. Next, you need to hand over the Photoshop file to a generative programmer.

Transparency Output

In this step, the programmer checks to ensure that all art layers are stable and there are no conflicts. In the next step, the programmer creates a folder structure that reflects the layers defined in the art file. The base character and all attribute layers, along with variation in each layer, are transferred to the correct folder as .png files.

Generative Programming

The generative programming stage involves compiling all the attributes and all the variations at all levels. Next, the errors are checked in transparency files, errors in the dataset, etc. Then, several checks and corrections are done until the perfect final images are rendered.

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