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Create your NFT Website or Minting website in just a few clicks! Easy No-Code Visual NFT Website builder.

You must have heard of people buying NFTs - in stores or marketplaces. Ever thought of how to mint NFTs yourself? Let’s understand the difference between an NFT minting website and an NFT store.

An NFT minting website allows you to mint NFTs and create digital assets on a blockchain that are new and unique. Your digital asset may represent anything - a piece of land, a collectible, or a few points in a game! You can assign ownership rights to the collectible or property through NFT tokens which clearly describe them.

On the flip side, NFT stores offer you options to buy, sell or trade NFTs. Have you heard of NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, and SuperRare? Yup, at these and similar stores, you can buy minted NFTs fast and conveniently. Once people buy minted NFTs that you own, you make good money! The NFT store also allows you to buy minted NFT from another party to enhance your collection.

Wondering how to create NFT minting website?


NFT Website Features

Create a custom minting website without a single line of code. Set up your website in minutes. Pick a theme and configure it to your liking. You can start for Free.

Visual Builder

Choose a pre-made template to start en and start editing.

Deploy in a few clicks

Choose a pre-made template and you are almost ready to go.

Web3 integrated

Mint function, NFT Gateway and Connect wallet function all integrated.


Create NFT Gallery or Marketplace to make a showcase of your collection.

Youtube Video

Create an NFT Website in 2 minutes

How to Create an NFT Minting Website in 2 Minutes. Quick Tutorial for Complete Beginners.

NFT website templates

Do you want to build your website with a pre-made template? Check out our NFT website templates.

We offer multiple NFT Website templates to start quickly. You can choose from Minting website layouts, Marketplace layouts, and Minting Page layouts. 

The difference between the website and the page is that the page is a basic generated Minting webpage. And the website template is used with the visual builder we offer. You can add and edit everything easily by yourself.

Mint Cake

Included in the Website builder

Enjoy all these amazing website features.

Mint button

Generator your NFT Art collection from layers.

NFT Gateway

Create a Web3 integrated NFT website with Pre-made templates.


Create and deploy your Smart Contract easily without any easily.

Pre-made templates

Hosting included

Social Media integration

SEO settings

Embed custom code

Youtube integration

Dashboard Features

A dashboard that offers a perfect experience and is easy to use No-Code.

Dashboard Website Builder

Fill in all the details you want to add to the Minting website and publish.



Choose out multiple layouts. We offer Free and Premium options. 


Custom Code

Add custom code, scripts, or the Mint button you create with us. It is also possible to embed a Mint button from another provider.


What is the best website builder for NFTs?

Compare iMintify’s website builder with other visual builders online.


Other builders


Visual Editor check check
Mint function remove check
NFT Marketplace integration remove check
Connect Smart Contract remove check
Web3 integration remove check
NFT Marketplace remove check
NFT Gateway remove check
Embed scripts check check
Hosting included check check
Mobile responsive check check