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No-code Minting website builder.

You must have heard of people buying NFTs - in stores or marketplaces. Ever thought of how to mint NFTs yourself? Let’s understand the difference between an NFT minting website and an NFT store.

An NFT minting website allows you to mint NFTs and create digital assets on a blockchain that are new and unique. Your digital asset may represent anything - a piece of land, a collectible, or a few points in a game! You can assign ownership rights to the collectible or property through NFT tokens which clearly describe them.

On the flip side, NFT stores offer you options to buy, sell or trade NFTs. Have you heard of NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, and SuperRare? Yup, at these and similar stores, you can buy minted NFTs fast and conveniently. Once people buy minted NFTs that you own, you make good money! The NFT store also allows you to buy minted NFT from another party to enhance your collection.

Wondering how to create NFT minting website?

Website builder

NFT Website builder with visual editor and pre-made templates

Website Generator

NFT website Generator, in a few clicks a basic Minting page.

NFT Gallery

Show your NFT collection on your website with open sea link.


Create your own Marketplace like Opensea.

No-Code Minting website

NFT Minting website builder

You want to sell your own NFTs?

Use our no-code NFT website builder and create your own NFT minting platform in no time! Our user-friendly NFT site builder helps your dreams of designing world-class NFTs come true, even without any technical knowledge.

NFT Minting website is a web page where you enter details of your blockchain, upload your art or images, pay a fee, and the software converts it into an NFT. There are multiple minting platforms out there, each with its own features. They differ on various aspects like the blockchains supported, the fee charged, types of images permitted, and such.

If you wish to start your own NFT minting website, we offer the tools to create it. With a minting website builder, you can create your minting platforms quickly. As more NFT fans are looking at how to design NFT minting sites, we offer a very convenient and no-code NFT website builder tool. So, you don't need to have any knowledge of coding; you can still design your minting platform!

Additionally, we also offer you tools to build NFT marketplaces. So join us and take your NFT journey to the newer strides!

No-Code Minting website

NFT website template

You want to build your own website with a pre-made template? Check out our NFT website templates.

We offer multiple NFT Website templates to start quickly. You can choose from Minting website layouts, Marketplace layouts and Minting Page layouts. 

The difference between the website and page is that the page is a basic generated Minting webpage. And the website template is used with the visual builder we offer. You can add and edit everything easy by yourself.


Most important features of the NFT website builder

No-code builder

No technical knowledge required to create a website.

Drag & Drop

Build and edit your website at drag and drop blocks easy.

Page Builder

Build pages easy and fast with the visual page builder.

Image upload

Easy upload images to the website.

NFT website Generator

(Free) Minting website Generator

Exclusive automated NFT Minting website Generator. This will make it very easy and fast (1 min.) to create a Minting page.

We offer a NFT Website Generator. This will make it very easy to create a minting page with a few clicks. This will be a basic minting page with the necessary functions such as:

  • Minting function
  • Website title
  • Introduction text
  • Background
  • Webhosting
  • Served on subdomain
  • 1 Page free
No Code Marketplace builder

NFT Marketplace builder

You want to start your own Marketplace like OpenSea?

Discover where to buy or sell NFTs right here

NFT marketplaces are platforms where you can buy or sell NFTs. While there are many such NFT marketplaces, the most trending ones are Opensea, Rarible, and SuperRare. These NFT stores allow enthusiasts to display their digital assets and sell them in exchange for cryptocurrency. In addition, some NFT marketplaces offer the option to mint NFTs too. 

Usually, the NFT marketplaces transfer NFTs from one entity to another for a fee which vary from one NFT site to another. Each marketplace also comes with unique features like permitted blockchains, types of NFTs, and payment mode. That said, the operating rules also depend on the marketplace you use.

Wondering how to create NFT marketplaces yourself? Our NFT marketplace builder makes it fast easy. 

An NFT marketplace builder service allows you to create and sell any digital art, music, or collectibles that are blockchain-enabled. Use this powerful NFT creation tool to attract NFT fans to sell their digital art and collectibles on a single shopfront.

All in one no-code builder

The most powerful features packed in one builder.

Want to place an order for an NFT minting website? Well, we are here to help you. It’s very simple. All you need to do is follow a few steps.

We offer a variety of design templates. Choose one from the list. Edit the design using our convenient, no-code editor. Use the tool to make as many edits as you want until you are satisfied. Add any content you like. Connect the smart contract. Launch your design! You are almost done.

Want to place an order for an NFT minting website? We offer a variety of NFT website templates to suit your design objectives. Just follow a few simple steps and your see your NFT site take off.

  1. Choose an NFT website template one from our list.
  2. Edit the design using our convenient, no-code editor.
  3. Use the NFT creation tool to make as many edits as you want until you are satisfied.
  4. Add any content you like.
  5. Connect the smart contract.
  6. Launch your design!

You are almost done.

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