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We assist you with industry-leading marketing services and strategies to help you boost your NFT collection and brand recognition.

The NFT revolution paved the way for NFT digital artists. As the fever grows, more NFT fiends are turning into artists and developing their unique non-fungible assets. However, the primary challenge remains with the marketing of these digital assets. With NFT marketing agencies like iMintify, you can create your NFTs and leave the marketing aspect to us.

We assist you with industry-leading marketing strategies and help you boost your sales and brand recognition.

NFT Marketing Agency Services

Non-fungible tokens are in the rage.

From real estate and art to fashion and music, these digital assets have influenced all spheres of human life. However, the irony is the presence of some skepticism around their authenticity and a sluggish adoption. At iMintify, we help brands establish their NFTs and boost sales by adopting innovative NFT marketing services.

Talk to our NFT marketing experts and employ world-class NFT marketing strategies across influencer marketing, branding, social media, NFT marketplaces, and more.

Why promote NFT collection?

It is crucial to invest ample time and money to promote your NFT collection if you really wish to make a mark. Some of the reasons for this include:

NFTs paved the way for a new category of artists - digital artists. That said, just like it takes great effort to rise to fame in the traditional art world, you need to work hard in the case of NFTs as well. In this super-competitive realm, you must create something unique to make your collection stand out.

Most NFT artists have already carved a niche by promoting their collections, and now it’s time to focus on boosting their sales. NFTs are the primary source of revenue for them, and thus, it becomes imperative for them to enhance their creations in order to sustain and reap profits.

Make sure you really understand the importance of promoting your NFTs. It’s not just to self-advertise but to expand your outreach so that you reach as many of those who wish to know about your collections and may invest in the future. Promoting your NFT collection must certainly be your top priority if you wish to attract a particular audience or someone deeply interested in your niche.

Free NFT Marketing Strategies

To promote your NFT collections, you have both free and paid ways at your disposal. While the free methods require you to go the extra mile, they are as equally effective as the paid ways. Some of the free ways that you can adopt in your NFT marketing strategies include:

As a budding NFT artist, your first step in your marketing strategy would invariably be to build and develop your brand. That said, there are various ways to achieve this. First, understand the fact that it is not necessary to have a large audience. However, you must focus on a targeted audience. This refers to those “loyal” enthusiasts who follow your NFT updates regularly and stay interested.

They either have invested in your collection or will soon be. In this regard, you can start with social media followers and gradually build a strong community through write-ups on your own marketplace.

Second, you need to really promote your collection, which does not happen merely by posting on social media. Take initiatives towards reaching out to people with the same passion and forge stronger connections. You could do this by participating in local events or conducting art competitions and more.

Collaborate with NFT creators

Another exciting way to promote your collection is through connecting with other NFT creators worldwide. Like most NFT initiatives, create your presence on the Discord server or Twitter and occasionally try interacting with NFT artists, gathering their opinion on collaboration opportunities. Establishing your active presence on such channels is a great way to promote your collection and brand.

List your collections on NFT directories or NFT Marketplaces

When you are just getting started with an NFT collection and don’t have a community, go ahead with listing your NFTs on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or other NFT directories. These marketplaces provide easier ways with a few simple steps to get your collections listed in no time!

However, while it’s a cakewalk to list your NFT collections on these storefronts, capturing the attention of NFT enthusiasts might be challenging as these portals showcase thousands of NFTs from various artists across the globe.

Use the option of giveaways

You can run giveaways of your NFT airdrops to increase your fanbase. Start by asking the interested participants to fill in a few basic details, thereby gathering more information to reach out to more people. A point worth mentioning is that as only your efforts are needed to craft your NFT airdrop, the entire process happens for free. A few NFT airdrops would motivate people to learn more about your collections.

Attracting organic traffic

To get your NFT marketplace “endorsed” by NFT enthusiasts, it’s integral to attract and drive organic traffic. This means you need to create engaging content that would gain attention from NFT friends globally and bring in more investors.

Initially, you may not require thought-provoking or industry-leading white papers. However, it’s worthwhile to generate relevant and interesting blogs to help people realize the essence of your NFT projects and bring revenue as well.

Paid NFT Marketing Strategies

While freeways work well in their own way, there are also some paid NFT strategies that you can try out.

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People usually trust word-of-mouth marketing, especially when it comes from an authentic source. That said, you can boost your NFT marketing with influencer marketing, meaning with renowned personalities who have a social identity and whose views would drive people towards your collections.

However, this could be a bit costlier as you need to get on to a deal with such influencers who operate in the same niche and have a great reputation in the crypto and NFT space. Once decided, you must talk to them about the budget to promote your NFT collection on various channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Adopt Paid Advertising

It’s an amazing idea to promote your NFT collection by setting aside an amount for paid ads. You can run ads on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram to see your NFTs get popular!

While there are many ways to run ads, videos are found to be the most effective and responsive. You can create short videos of your NFT projects that narrate the story in an engaging fashion.

Launch your NFT Marketplace

Considering the drawbacks of popular NFT marketplaces, it makes sense to create your own dedicated NFT marketplace to showcase your collections. Whether you create a simple NFT store or a full-fledged NFT marketplace, having a custom NFT website offers its own benefits and lets you promote your artwork.

Use your NFT marketplace to carve dedicated pages that showcase your NFT airdrops and collections, run a blog and employ content marketing techniques to drive organic traffic and increase your brand presence. Additionally, take the help of tools like Google Analytics to measure your website performance.