NFT Website Template

No-code NFT website template/ layout.

Everyone knows that the NFT revolution has transformed the world of art. Well, not only art, music, videos, and collectibles - literally anything can be turned into an NFT. The interesting part is anyone can build their NFT website and get started.

NFT websites offer you the platform to mint your own NFTs. When you have something creative in your mind, it becomes easier to build it into your amazing NFT creation with your own website. It would be so much more convenient with your own website that offers all the options to mint the NFT in just a few minutes!

Well, don’t worry if you don’t have the technical or coding expertise to build the website. Join us as we bring you world-class, no-code, highly customizable, pre-built templates that make your website creation process an absolute breeze.

NFT Minting Website Template

Looking to build an awesome to-sell NFTs of art, collectibles, and more? Well, you are at the right place.

Interested in building a mind-blowing NFT minting website? Check out the below pointers to understand why our NFT minting website template is the best for you!

Unique design: Our template is up-to-date with world-class crypto design trends and an amazing website with a modern look and feels that will attract your fans and followers. Such a website will help bring in a lot of sales for your NFT art and collectibles.

Speed Optimized: All users want to enjoy websites at great speeds. Websites that take a long time to load tend to miss prospective customers. We have your website well-optimized to the slightest extent so that anyone can browse at good speeds and enjoy a rewarding experience navigating your website.

Bespoke templates: We offer a 100% customizable website wherein you use global colors, global font, and more. Our objective is to ensure you can include all your branding, styles, and design as per your company practices and tailor the website to suit your needs.

Seamless Animation: Our website design helps you add images, videos, and animation across pages and sections to offer an amazing browsing experience to site visitors. Use these features and attract more customers to your NFT minting website!

Responsive Website: At present, around 50% of users worldwide browse using smartphones. That said, it makes it imperative to have a responsive website. Our template ensures that your website is responsive and your users enjoy a rewarding experience, regardless of whether they use laptops, computers, or mobile phones.

WordPress CMS and E-commerce: Our templates are based on WordPress CMS and e-commerce, making it easy for you to incorporate edits or modifications using the friendly editor.

Always up-to-date: Our templates are always kept updated with the latest features and functionalities and we continue to upgrade them as and when our team develops new features in the future.

Our templates are designed keeping your styles and convenience in mind. We thus created it with editability and made it easy to use and customize for you.

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NFT Website Template Features

Create a custom minting website without a single line of code. Set up your website in minutes. Pick a theme and configure it to your liking. You can start for Free.

Visual Builder

Choose a pre-made template to start en and start editing.

Deploy in a few clicks

Choose a pre-made template and you are almost ready to go.

Web3 integrated

Mint function, NFT Gateway and Connect wallet function all integrated.


Create NFT Gallery or Marketplace to make a showcase of your collection.

Included in the Website template builder

Enjoy all these amazing website features.

Mint button

Generator your NFT Art collection from layers.

NFT Gateway

Create a Web3 integrated NFT website with Pre-made templates.


Create and deploy your Smart Contract easily without any easily.

Pre-made templates

Hosting included

Social Media integration

SEO settings

Embed custom code

Youtube integration

Free NFT Website Template

We bring you two amazing options:

1. You will have a few free templates to choose from. This option excludes the subscription costs.

2. You will have a free minting website plus a template to use. This will be a subdomain of It will be a basic option with no visual builder. All you have is a plain HTML website, a logo, and a minting button.

Feel free to contact us in case of any design needs. Our team of expert developers will guide you through the journey.

NFT Wordpress template

NFT Wordpress templates can be useful for Wordpress websites. The problem WordPress does not have default no Web3 integration. Which is needed for Minting button and other Web3 integration. We offer the full package of NFT Website template, Web3 integration, Hosting and amazing NFT features as NFT Gateway, Marketplace, Gallery and lots more!

If you are really a Wordpress fan we can deliver you a Wordpress template in the same style as our current templates. We can also provide pre-made templates for Wordpress or even create a NFT Wordpress design from scratch. Please send us a message and we will send you more information. 

NFT Marketplace Template

Interested in creating an NFT marketplace template? Well, we are here to help you!

We offer a very beautiful and highly customizable WordPress-based template that can be used to create NFT marketplaces, cryptocurrency websites, and more.

Built with WordPress and other essential add-ons, we bring you a highly bespoke, easy-to-create template without any coding. The website loads quickly and lets you navigate across 5 beautifully designed pre-built pages.

Home Page: This is the landing page of your website, which very vividly displays all details on NFTs that would catch the visitor’s attention at a glance. The page is highly customizable to suit your company's needs.

Activity Page: This template helps to design a page that shows the details, like the number of bids on the digital items and collectibles displayed on your NFT website.

Browse Page: For any NFT website design, navigation is crucial. To ensure that the visitors enjoy browsing, a separate page with options and functionalities to search for the NFTs can be created.

Category Page: This template lets you beautifully organize your NFTs or crypto art into different user-friendly categories so that searching and exploring NFTs becomes fun.

Details Page: This template lets you design a page that showcases the details of a specific NFT or digital asset on your website.

Besides, we also offer exquisitely designed info boxes, testimonials, carousels, and call-to-action buttons to help you attract customers.

Unleash the potential of these templates and use them for a variety of wonderful purposes; showcase digital collectibles and crypto art, design NFT auction websites, and more!

What is the best website builder for NFT?

Compare iMintify’s website builder with other visual builders online.


Other builders


Visual Editor check check
Mint function remove check
NFT Marketplace integration remove check
Connect Smart Contract remove check
Web3 integration remove check
NFT Marketplace remove check
NFT Gateway remove check
Embed scripts check check
Hosting included check check
Mobile responsive check check