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Plans that empower your NFT Project No-Code with a few clicks away.
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For starters to explore and build

NFT Generator

Deploy Smart Contract

NFT Website



All what you need to start

All Hobby plan features
NFT Generator
Free 10,000 credits
10,000 one-time $100
Smart Contract
3% Platform Fee
NFT Website
1 Website
$14 per extra website
Custom domain
Remove branding
Unlimitted pages
Premium templates
NFT Gateway


Scale and Marketplace for your projects

All Creator plan features
NFT Generator
Free 20,000 credits
10,000 one-time $75
Smart Contract
2,5% Platform Fee
NFT Website
3 Websites included
$11 per extra website
Marketplace integration


Best for Agencies

All Pro plan features
NFT Generator
Free 30,000 credits
10,000 one-time $50
Smart Contract
2% Platform Fee
NFT Website
6 Websites included
$8 per extra website

NFT Art Generator check check check check

Total generations

How many Art layers can you generate with the NFT Generator app.
100 forever10.000 credits one-time20.000 credits one-time 30.000 credits one-time
up to 1000 Collection$50 one-timeExtra $40 one-timeExtra $30 one-timeExtra $20 one-time
up to 5000 Collection$100 one-timeExtra $60 one-timeExtra $40 one-timeExtra $30 one-time
up to 10.000 Collection$150 one-timeExtra $100 one-timeExtra $75 one-timeExtra $50 one-time
No watermark check check check check

Smart Contract
NFT Drop Smart Contract creator
Primary sales platform Fee5%3%2,5%2%

NFT Website
NFT Website builder for Minting, Marketplace or other Web3 websites.
Publish website
How many websites you are included to create. For every extra website you want to create you pay some extra fee.
1 website1 website3 websites6 websites
Extra website remove$14/month per +1$11/month per +1$8/month per +1
Pages per website1 pageUnlimitted pagesUnlimitted pagesUnlimitted pages
Custom Domain remove check check check
Premium Templates remove check check check
NFT Gateway remove check check check
NFT Marketplace
Create a Marketplace from your own collection with Buy and Sell function.
remove remove check check
NFT Gallery
To create a showcase for your NFT collection.
remove remove check check
Custom design
We can help you to create custom styling and features to your website.
remove remove remove check

Extra Services

Minting Button Creator
Create a Minting button for your NFT collection. Can be embedded to any website. 
Total Mint buttons5 mint buttons5 mint buttons10 mint buttons15 mint buttons
Remove iMintify logo remove check check check

Whitelist Creator
Integrated Web3 Acces list sign-up builder for pre-mint suitable for any website.
Total whitelists5 whitelists5 whitelists10 whitelists15 whitelists
Custom domain remove check check check
Remove iMintify logo remove check check check

Included in all plans:

Enjoy all these amazing features in all plans.

NFT Image Generator

Generator your NFT Art collection from layers.

NFT Website

Create a Web3 integrated NFT website with Pre-made templates.

Smart Contract creator

Create and deploy your Smart Contract easily without any easily.

Whitelist creator

Build your NFT allow list in a few clicks.

Mint button creator

Create and deploy your Mint button on any CMS.

Metadata Editor

Edit your NFT metadata like image urls and more.

IPFS storage

Create NFT images from custom or library image layers.

AI NFT Generator (soon)

Create images by AI text input.

1-click Deploy

All services can be deployed in 1-click no-code.

Visual builder

All services come with a Visual builder.


The Website buiilder, Whitelist creator and Mint button creator are included with hosting.


All our services are No-Code and no need for a developer.

Audited contracts


Social Media integration

SEO features

Embed custom script

Smart Contract integration

Payment options

Apple Pay

Goodbye, expensive Developers

Thanks to the iMintify platform, you no longer require expensive developers to create your NFT project. We know the time and expenses involved, so we got rid of that entirely.

You don't have to pay for Developers.

No need to pre-plan your builds costs.

No technical knowledge required.