NFT Courses

NFTs are the in-thing. With the popularity and excitement on the rise, everyone is rushing to learn the ropes of the trade to earn fame and money.

We bring you a variety of basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in Non-Fungible Tokens that would completely change your way of life!

Check out all the knowledge you would gain by joining these NFT courses!

List of NFT Courses that are available

Discover the ultimate collection of NFT courses designed to unlock the world of non-fungible tokens. Learn about NFT creation, trading, and the revolutionary impact of blockchain technology in the art, gaming, and collectibles industry. Level up your NFT knowledge and explore new opportunities in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Best Free NFT Course?

Looking for Free NFT Courses/education? We are still working out all our NFT courses in video format. You can already find a lot of free education on our Blog. We discuss a variety of NFT Topics that are free and available for education purposes.

If you are new to NFT, no worries. We start with foundation NFT courses that teach you the core fundamentals of NFTs.

It covers everything from what NFTs are, their history and evolution, the various NFT collections that shot to fame, and more. Once you complete the course, you will be able to explain NFTs with a fair amount of clarity to your friends!

So, what turns any digital image into an NFT? Yes, Minting.

In this section of the NFT course, we will walk you through all the stages of the minting process in depth. We would include the basic technicalities involved in creating the NFT Minting Websites.

After completing this section, you can create your NFT Minting Websites. Good luck!

NFT Gated Websites is a novel concept that helps website owners restrict access to certain sections of the website using NFT as a kind of digital access key.

The underlying idea is that only people holding certain NFT collections can view the gated content on the website.

We bring you one of the finest NFT courses dedicated to this emerging concept which will take your NFT journey to newer strides.

NFT art has redefined the way artists work. If you wish to join the new clan of "digital artists", this NFT course is for you.

In this NFT course, we help you learn the basics of generative art that lets you create out-of-the-world NFTs, adding rarity traits, attributes, and layers.

For those of you who are already talented artists, this course will let you carve a niche in the NFT art space. And for those who are just finding their foot in art, you get easy "magical" tools to get started with this new art form.

So, this NFT course is for everyone!

Well, just creating an NFT is not enough. You need to know how to store and access them securely.

Remember, NFTs are highly valuable possessions!

In this section of the NFT course, we help you understand the meaning and importance of NFT wallets. Besides, we let you know how to use them for transactions, trading them, and more.

After completing this section, you will be able to appreciate the significance of your NFT wallets.

Ok, now that you have minted your NFTs, you need to list them for sale.

Yes, we will acquaint you with NFT marketplaces, how they function, their core features, ways to sell your NFTs, and more.

In this section of the NFT course, we will familiarise you with popular NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Super Rare, Rarible, and more.

Now that you are familiar with NFT marketplaces, you might be curious to create one yourself.

With no-code, easy-to-use tools, we will guide you through the amazing process of carving your marvelous NFT marketplaces!

If you are a versatile artist, it would mean a lot to you to showcase your artwork to your fans and followers.

Whether you wish to display your NFT art for selling and making a profit or as a way to present your masterpiece to art lovers, creating an NFT gallery dedicated to your NFTs makes sense.

In this section of the NFT course, we take you through the simple yet interesting steps to build your NFT gallery.

After this course, you can build your NFT gallery and flaunt your mesmerizing art!

While you can create wonderful images, you need to use the "Mint" button to turn them into Non-fungible tokens.

In this simple NFT course, we teach you to create this button without needing any technical skills. You will be familiarised with some templates that will help you finish the job in just a matter of time!

After completing this section, you can start minting NFTs.

We at iMintify, are specialists in the NFT space - websites, landing pages, marketplaces, galleries, and more! So feel free to reach us here for any queries or services.