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NFTs are digital assets that reside on a blockchain like Ethereum. The features of NFT to bring uniqueness and scarcity to the asset and grant ownership to its creators and owners have made them a valuable investment instrument.

The NFT revolution has brought about dramatic changes in the world of art, music, fashion, and education – literally, in every sphere of life. Businesses leveraged the potential of NFTs to reap profits and come up with newer innovations.

NFTs are an industry in itself, covering various domains, from education and healthcare to art and real estate. It is expected that the NFT industry will grow further and reach 20 billion USD by 2028. One of the primary reasons for their growing popularity is that as they are a digital version of assets, they opened the gateways for buyers and sellers to trade non-fungible tokens and make money or profits as crypto investments. There’s no longer the need for connoisseurs of art to go in search of galleries or art houses to showcase and sell their creations.

Thanks to blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens play a significant role in bridging the gap between collectors and creators . That said, this not only applies to the world of art but extends to several other industries. Some common industries where NFTs made a mark include collectibles, gaming, fashion, art, virtual world, sports, insurance, music, and events.

Undoubtedly, NFTs are now the hottest trend in the crypto space, and the hype continues with no signs of declining. NFTs are being widely used by musicians, artists, and experts worldwide to spread their talent and engage with their fans and followers.

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