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Classic video games have always fascinated players. You win items while playing, which you use at another point in the game to improve your scores. Great, right? However, these traditional video games suffer major drawbacks. It’s that you cannot use these items outside of the game. So, anything you win while you play is just to boost your gaming experience, nothing beyond.

Enter NFT games. Blockchain-based NFT games are quite similar to conventional video games, where you win goodies during the play. However, in these games, you can transfer your earnings to another game or exchange them with another player in cryptocurrency. In addition, some NFT games offer in-game assets like characters, costumes, or collectibles as rewards which you receive as you cross various levels of the gameplay.

You receive NFTs as rewards which you can sell on real NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible. Alternatively, you can exchange it with your friend for another or trade it and make a profit.

The reward is no longer just competitive; it is instead financial. The global economy of blockchains, video games, and cryptocurrency is growing every day, offering an immense potential to make good money for investors and players alike—the more regular players, the greater the value of the NFT game.

NFT games attract more players and offer exciting options to them, thereby enhancing their value.

There are various benefits that NFT games offer their players. First, the players gain complete control over the assets won. They may use it within or outside the game. Second, as these games are blockchain-enabled, they provide high security and reliability, i.e., they offer their players a very secure environment.

Finally, the rarer an NFT, the greater its value. Therefore, NFT games like Axie Infinity offer amazing NFTs which increase their worth, thereby providing value to their holders.

NFT games have dramatically changed the gaming landscape and democratized the realm of online gaming. This category page focuses on NFT games and brings you the latest trends, news, and updates on them.