“Geekverse”: the new web3 gaming marketplace of G2A.com

“Geekverse”: the new web3 gaming marketplace of G2A.com

On November 15, G2A.com announced that it had expanded its offerings. This time it is about “Geekverse,” a marketplace for NFTs linked to web3 games. This will give gamers a chance to discover what blockchain gaming has to offer.

What is G2A?

G2A.com is a global digital marketplace for games and game-related products. The marketplace operates all over the world and has everything in gaming. With the large selection of up to more than 50,000 products, there is plenty to choose from! They mainly focus on game keys for different platforms, such as Origin, Xbox Live, and Stream.

Future View

All NFTs offered come from composite collections created by trusted partners. G2A not only wants to take the opportunity to promote their own NFTs but more importantly wants to show their dedication to emerging technologies within the gaming industry. Currently, G2A Geekverse allows users to buy and sell non-fungible tokens from collections related to partners’ games. They will also host several contests, giveaways, and item drops.

The currently supporting blockchains of this initiative are; Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. Geekverse says it will focus on ensuring excellent quality and security. The platform thus makes it easier for gamers to discover high-quality new titles. To attract creators and collectors, they currently offer zero transaction fees on all NFT sales.

Web3 Gaming is a great success

Gaming based on NFTs already has several success stories, such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Gods Unchained. In July 2023, the Google Play Store even began accepting NFT games. With some limitations, though. The Play Store says it allows games to offer or earn NFTs for sale. Gambling with NFTs within the platform is not controlled.


For more exciting updates and promotions on this topic, visit G2A Geekverse’s website and keep an eye on their profile on X @G2A_Geekverse.

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