Opera browser Drops an Instant NFT Minting Feature

Opera browser Drops an Instant NFT Minting Feature
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The Web3 Opera browser has launched a new NFT feature in collaboration with Alteon Launchpad. Opera now enables its users, who are beginners or novices in Web3, to mint NFTs easily. With this collaboration, users will be able to access a feature that lets them drag and drop media files into their browser. This writes the smart contract and uploads the file into a blockchain, thereby converting them into non-fungible tokens.

One of the major challenges that people face with developing NFTs is the lack of technical expertise. Opera helps them overcome this by offering a feature that can be easily used even by non-technical users. The team strongly believes that the tool will let users without Web3 experience use the Web3 economy, enabling artists from diverse backgrounds to build NFTs in a relatively simpler manner.

This is an unprecedented tool for any kind of browser that democratizes NFTs and empowers artists to showcase their expertise in the Web3 creator economy. This amazing feature will arrive on Opera in the first quarter of 2023 and will be on the left-hand sidebar of the browser. Budding NFT artists would be excited to use this feature as it doesn’t require any technical skills. Most importantly, it lets them create NFTs from any file on any device – audio, video, PDF – literally anything.

In January, Opera released the beta version of the Web3 browser for Windows, Mac, and Android platforms to let users explore decentralized applications on games, metaverse, and more. In April, the project could find itself adapted to platforms like iPhone and iPad. Opera’s Web3 browser, called the Opera Crypto browser, has opened the gateways to non-fungible tokens with this latest integration.

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