PostNL crypto stamps are super popular: crypto stamp morphing

PostNL crypto stamps are super popular: crypto stamp morphing

In 2019, the Eastern Post Office released the world’s first-ever crypto stamp! This was a huge success and it was clear from this that people were ready for renewal. About a year ago, PostNL also introduced a crypto stamp, namely the NL crypto stamp. And now a year later, PostNL is back again with new crypto stamps!

What is an NL crypto stamp anyway?

The NL crypto stamp is a stamp, but not just any stamp. The NL crypto stamp costs €9.25 and consists of two parts, a physical and a digital stamp. So, of the physical stamp, you also have a digital version, which you can store in your crypto wallet. You can collect, exchange, and trade the stamps also on the blockchain. You can also even use the tangible stamp to send a registered package.

New addition: crypto stamp safe

The NL crypto stamp safe is a new addition to the original crypto stamps. You get a physical and digital stamp just like with the regular crypto stamp, but now with some extras! Each safe has a special symbol hidden in it. Combining (morphing) the safe with your crypto stamp creates another completely new NFT. This makes the outcome even more exciting. The special symbol can be a teat, bottle, or rainbow.

Teat: this causes a sad lion to appear against a silver-gray background. Of these, 13,750 copies.

Bottle: this one shows a cheerful lion emerging with a background that matches the color of the crypto stamp. There are 11,000 copies of this.

Rainbow: with this safe you get a happy lion with a rainbow-colored background. There are only 250 copies of these.

How can you morph these crypto stamps?

Morphing the two crypto stamps (NL crypto stamp safe and NL crypto stamp 2) is a fairly simple process, which I will explain to you step by step below.

Step 1: transfer the NL crypto stamp safe and the NL crypto stamp 2 to your crypto wallet. The contents of your safe will reveal themselves right away.

Step 2: Next, go to “Start crypto stamp MorphXYZ.” Now you can select the NL crypto stamp 2. Please note that each safe can only be used once.

Step 3: Now the morphing begins! The process can sometimes take some time, but thanks to the handy countdown timer, you can see exactly how long it will take. When the morphing process is complete, you will receive a completely new NFT.


The NL crypto stamps once again bring a new refreshing take on old-fashioned stamp collecting. Consequently, sales of these unique stamps are going super fast! Should you be interested, you can buy the NL crypto stamps on the PostNL website.

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