Tony Hawk’s Latest NFTs to come with Signed Physical Skateboards

Tony Hawk’s Latest NFTs to come with Signed Physical Skateboards
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In December 2021, the famous professional skateboarder Tony Hawk released “Last Trick”, a non-fungible token collection via the NFT marketplace Autograph. Hawk will be auctioning his skateboards used during the Last Tricks  NFT collection and the best part is each of the NFTs will come with the physical skateboard carrying the signature of Hawk.


Tony Hawk – The Legend of Skateboarding

When it comes to skateboarding, the first name that would come to mind is invariably Tony Hawk. To call Hawk a sports legend is an understatement. Tony Hawk has created numerous success stories, fostering motivation for the young generation. Besides the name Hawk enjoys for his sports prowess, he is also admired for his fantastic personality, endearing him in peoples’ hearts across the world. Despite the fame and success that Hawk enjoys, he leads an ordinary life and is humble, and, often, people feel surprised to see this side of him. When news spread in the airways about a potential NFT from Tony Hawk, the skateboarding community was abuzz. When Tony comes up with a project, fans feel over-excited.


Tony Hawk to drop another NFT collection via Autograph

The “Last Tricks” digital collectibles compilation was sold on the Autograph NFT marketplace, a platform launched by the seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. Hawk announced the latest NFT sale of the last tricks collection and mentioned that an individual named Garry De Boer was chosen randomly to win his Frontside Cab Board.

There are five skateboards revealed in the latest Autograph-based Tony Hawk NFT collection and the first one (Frontside Cab Board) will be delivered to De Boer. The signed Finger Flip skateboard will be auctioned on the same day and the signed Gymnast Plant skateboard will be auctioned on a subsequent day. In addition to these two NFTs, the signed Magic Dance skateboard and signed Varial 540 skateboard will also be sold on the same day. According to Autograph’s terms, the management of the auction will be administered by DraftKings Marketplace. The terms also include the condition that after the Tony Hawk skateboard NFT auctions are complete, Autograph will be under the obligation to send the physical skateboards through FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

The top Tony Hawk NFT collector on Autograph is a user called “@laukialovforeve” with a score of 188, 640.


Tony Hawk NFT x Autograph

Autograph is always on the lookout for partnering with legendary sports personalities. Besides Hawk, other popular athletes on the Autograph platform include Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, and Simone Biles. The rising NFT collections by top sports personalities are a great step in the direction of growing the NFT ecosystem. Tom Brady through his NFT in the Autograph marketplace is leading the cause. These initiatives by the sportsmen would further the rapid development of the Autograph platform. It’s believed that soon everyone in the NFT community will be asking the question, “what’s next for Autograph?” The NFT marketplace triggers the highest level of excitement for fans and investors alike.

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