A partnership between GoDaddy and ENS for connecting your domain and wallet

A partnership between GoDaddy and ENS for connecting your domain and wallet

ENS (Ethereum Name Service), a Web3 service provider, and GoDaddy, a domain and Web hosting company, have partnered to link domains to Web3 addresses.

The partnership

This partnership takes a big step toward bridging the gap between the Domain Name System (DNS) and blockchain technology. DNS is a naming database that translates readable domain names into a unique string of numbers, also called an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Similarly, ENS converts wallet addresses into readable names. Connecting the two not only simplifies the user experience but also promotes a sense of trust in digital identities.

While it was already possible to connect your domain name to your wallet address, ENS has now enabled a no-cost linking process. This via new smart contracts for verfication of DNS domain resolution. The step brings more ease in reverencing your domains and wallet addresses. ens-godaddy-preview


GoDaddy is a company that helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses. GoDaddy creates a professional website for them to attract customers and showcase their products and services.

ENS (Ethereum Name Service)

ENS is a naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. With an ENS address, you can register a .eth domain, connect it to multiple wallets, and use it all over Web3.


The collaboration between GoDaddy and ENS allows their users to connect their domain name and ENS in a simple and cost-free way. This makes it easier to manage your domains and wallet addresses. It also makes digital identities feel more trusted.

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