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NFTs — Non-fungible tokens have made artists and creators redefine their work. Those with creative abilities have a newer way to earn while pursuing their passion. As a result, NFT became the word of the year 2021 in the Collins dictionary.

NFTs led to the term ‘Digital Artists’ – a new category added to the clan of talented craftsmen.
The uniqueness of NFTs has made them more attractive and useful. If you are on this page, you are certainly an NFT evangelist looking for ways to enhance your treasure of NFT collections.

Imagine how it would feel to create NFT store wherein you could buy, sell or trade NFTs!

What is an NFT store?

Do you want to shop for NFTs? Looking at enhancing your NFT collection? Or, plan to sell some of your NFTs? Check out the best NFT Marketplaces in our blog.

Then, you are at the right place. However, first things first. Let’s understand the basics of the NFT marketplace.

Say you created an NFT and want to sell it. How do you do that? Create NFT store.

NFT store is the place where you put up your creation for sale.

Well, it is essentially a platform offering various collections of NFTs. These collections could span multiple kinds of NFTs, as in, they could be art, images, audio, videos, music, tweets, and the list is endless. Ideally, they bring together creators and crypto lovers to a common platform where they can create and trade in NFTs.

They are like auction houses where they are bid on like real artwork. The highest bidder is rewarded. As the number of bidders increases, the price of the NFT soars higher. As a result, it creates scarcity of the artwork, thereby enhancing its value in millions!

They are built on the blockchain platforms which support them, Ethereum, for instance. You could create NFT store and buy or sell NFTs here. Usually, these stores offer a highly intuitive, user-friendly interface with sufficient payment tokens. Besides, NFT marketplaces have various NFTs ranging from gaming to art and music.

Numerous NFT marketplaces cater to the multitude of interests of artists and creators worldwide.

Pre-made NFT Store

NFT marketplace is one of the key features offered on certain blockchain platforms. You can easily access these stores and start trading in NFTs. Some examples of NFT Webshops include – Opensea on Ethereum, Solsea on Solana, and BNB on Binance.

The NFT webshops have diverse collections and display them methodically, classified based on top sales or top-performing creators or best collections and such. Besides, these platforms provide useful search options and filter/sort criteria to narrow down your searches. The basic components of an NFT webshop include –

Attractive Storefront

The marketplace displays artwork, details of bids, price history, top-performing collections, and more to attract and engage the users.

Easy listing Options

Easy-to-create listings are vital to an NFT marketplace. The users would be interested in listing their NFTs for sale. Usually, they offer very convenient listing choices.

Quick Filters/Searches

To make your journey through the store enjoyable, they offer quick filters to sort the items. Also, there are advanced search options to help you find your selections efficiently.

Push Notifications

To ensure you stay updated with trending items and collectibles as a registered user on the NFTmarketplace, the store sends push notifications with recent updates, events, and more.

Multiple Wallet Options

Most NFT web shops offer you multiple wallet choices to conveniently trade and shop your favorite NFTs.

Ratings & Reviews

These stores help beginner NFT buyers with ratings and reviews put against each NFT. By skimming through this info, someone new to the marketplace can understand what to buy and what not to.

How to buy NFTs on NFT marketplace?

Usually, they offer a web link or app. You could browse the store to skim through the huge variety of choices. The NFT Webshops offer a user-friendly interface with easy-to-navigate tabs.

Buying NFTs on stores consists of a few simple steps.

Add cryptos to your wallet
Depending on the platform you are buying the NFT from, check out for the cryptos they accept. Then, make sure you have an account created on that blockchain platform. Else, first, sign up to create an account. Next, you need to add the requisite cryptocurrency to buy the NFT.

If you have cryptos bought from third parties, first deposit them into this account.

Access the NFT webshop
Usually, most of these stores offer two ways to access them. First, you may use a desktop browser to reach the store from your laptop. Alternatively, most stores have their user-friendly apps, too.

Choosing your NFT
NFT marketplace offers an immense treasure of options to choose from. The user-friendly interface shows the tabs that take you to various sections such as gaming NFTs, art, etc.

It’s fun browsing through the awesome NFTs on a store!

Buying your NFT
In the first case, as the name suggests, you buy the NFT at a fixed price. In the second, you may have options to place a bid. Usually, once bids are placed, they cannot be canceled. Your funds get locked until the bid ends or a new one is placed.

How to sell NFTs on NFT marketplace?

Similar to buying an NFT, you can sell them too and make profits.

To sell, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Set up your wallet
Once you have your crypto wallet, link it to the store. Do check out the kinds of wallets that the platform supports.

Prepare your collection
Usually, NFT webshops will have a section to create your collections. You could use your social media links and images to complete your profile.

Add your NFT
Upload your NFT digital file, audio, video, music, or art images. Add a title and a brief description, tag properties, and stats to your NFT.

Put it up for sale
Finally, choose how you would like your NFT to be sold. Select an option such as fixed-price listing or auction etc.

These are excellent avenues for those NFT aficionados interested in trading.

We, at iMintify, offer you the benefits of a well-designed, robust, and easy-to-use NFT webshop — all customized to your needs. Similar to an NFT website, which just goes well with one NFT collection, you can have your own NFT marketplace, supporting numerous NFT collections!

Join us. Bring us your requirements, and we will create NFT store for you, compatible with your business and embellished with our ideas!

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