Ledger with new NFT-friendly Stax wallet

Ledger with new NFT-friendly Stax wallet
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Undisputed leader in hardware wallet, Ledger, released Ledger Stax, its brand-new NFT-friendly device. The device allows its users to store their crypto assets on their latest resourceful crypto kits.

To create a highly secure, next-generation hardware wallet, Ledger had gone the extra mile and taken into consideration all the usability features. The company employed iPod designer Tony Fadell, to include attributes of function and aesthetics alike. This resulted in the ‘Stax’, an elegant tech gadget kit that is full of rigor for the challenges of everyday life.

The new device offers an awesome interface, more ergonomically friendly than earlier Ledger iterations, letting users manage their NFT collection efficiently.  Other interesting features of the credit card-sized device include an energy-efficient e-ink touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, and support for NFTs and over 5000 cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also offers users the ability to showcase their favorite non-fungible tokens on the lock screen.

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Ledger aims to launch Stax in early 2023. However it offers pre-order options for enthusiastic NFT collectors. This will be available for a limited period, offering buyers free generative NFT art by a leading digital artist, which will also provide utility in the future. Additionally, a Ledger Stax NFT is accessible to mint on the Ledger market to unleash the artistic potential of the selected artists from the company’s network.

The company has already established itself as a leading player among the hardware wallet Web3 entities and aims to dominate the market. Security becomes a major concern for investors due to rising crypto scams and their highly volatile nature. This makes it imperative to win the confidence of non-Web3 native audiences, and most experts claim that this wouldn’t be possible unless the technical barriers of wallets, passwords, seed phrases, or exchanges become frictionless.

While the blockchain market size is expected to reach $33.53 billion by 2030, the growth will be adversely impacted if industry drivers are unable to eliminate the barriers in this space.

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