How to Check NFT Rarity?


NFTs are no longer a buzzword. The fever is simply rising high, with some people frantically investing in the asset. You might be aware that it is the uniqueness and the ownership rights granted to the creators and owners by NFTs that encourages them to invest. That said, what exactly do NFT enthusiasts look for in it. Whenever a connoisseur of NFTs plans to buy one, they look for the rarity features. It’s a known fact that the prices of NFTs are speculative and the rarity aspect is one of the vital factors that determine the price. NFT collectors like to brag about the unique and rarest traits of the NFTs they have bought. And, that’s why everyone is on the lookout for the rarest of them!

NFTs are here to stay and the craze for collecting the best and rarest NFTs is not going to slow down anytime in the future. As everyone out there is on the search for the rarest NFT, you need to familiarize yourself with the best options available to buy them! This article talks about the various tools available to check NFT rarity, how to use them, and more. Let’s get started.

Best tools to check NFT Rarity

Check out the below amazing tools that help check NFT rarity and make it an absolute breeze!

Rarity tools

Rarity tools is a very well-known website that enables you to check NFT rarity. While you may not possibly find all NFT projects here, many are available. You need to search for the project and the NFT’s ID number (for example Crypto Punks # 5522). This would show you the NFTs rarity rank and other details about its traits. In addition, it would also show project-related information like sales volume, average price, and more.

Rarity Sniper


The tool Rarity Sniper is available across a few of the blockchains and supports quite a large number of NFT collections. Besides using their website, you may as well use their Discord channel to check your NFT’s rarity. To check the rarity on the Discord channel, you must use the bot command available on the channel itself. Enter the NFT details in the command and in a few seconds, it will display information such as rarity ranking, traits, and other details on the NFT.

NFT Stats


If you are interested in getting an overview of the NFT market, the best tool for you is NFT Stats. It displays details like which NFTs are selling, their trading volume in the last 24 hours, the most recent NFTs record sales, and more. In addition, you also have an NFT rarity explorer tool to filter NFT collections and find rare NFTs. It displays a rarity score depending on the degree of rarity of the NFT traits.

Trait sniper


This tool works a little differently compared to other tools to check NFT rarity. The aspect that it differs in is that it displays only those NFTs that are revealed or about to be revealed. Yet, it offers a lot of useful information such as floor prices, royalties, and more. In addition, you can also get to know the places where you will find the NFT project such as Discord, OpenSea, Twitter, etc. This tool comes in both paid and free versions; the paid one offers certain perks and other extra useful information.



NFTBank is a highly specialized rarity tool that helps investors obtain insights on various investments. It is an excellent portfolio management software for those interested in managing NFT ownership. Some of the amazing features of the platform are its high speed, NFT portfolio tracker, and analytics. There’s an option “Analytics & Signals” that offers useful information on NFT investment opportunities. Besides, it provides indicators that help assess the market and follow other users’ portfolios.



CryptoSlam is another useful tool for the market research and analysis of non-fungible tokens. Each NFT series has a special page highlighting the latest sale and minting activity. The CryptoSlam ranking NFT tool has all the parameters including transaction volume, number of owners, sales, and more. In addition, it also provides a dedicated section for NFT rarity purposes, giving users a complete overview of each non-fungible token.

Moby gg

Moby gg is a real-time NFT tracking tool, which offers the basic NFT rarity rankings like NFT traits, markets, and mints. The interface is user-friendly, with easy-to-navigate options, and lists all the rankings at the top of the homepage. The tool has a Pro version that provides 6 months of real-time information on statistical data, NFT signals, wallet alerts, and various mints.


The key reason why investors like MomentRanks is because of its user-friendly and slick interface. However, there are some limitations. For example, though the website holds the potential to be a market leader, it suffers from data integrity issues. Furthermore, MomentRanks appears to have its own rarity score, much different from the market standards.

NFT Sniff


NFT Sniff covers most of the features that you would expect in a rarity tracker tool. Fast loading times help make the site one of the best rarity tools in the NFT space. Though this tool doesn’t offer all the insights that other tools provide, it holds the potential to grow and it is expected that more useful features will be developed in the near future.

HowRare is


HowRare is is a platform specially catering to Solana NFT collections. It works similarly to other tools to check NFT rarity wherein you enter the NFT and its ID and perform a simple search. Once found, the system will show the NFT with all the details like its rarity, traits, and more. In addition, the website also lists other upcoming drops and information on the latest sales.

Closing thoughts

The NFT space has always been mesmerizing. It continues to keep up the pace and the crowd of NFT collectors is only growing. All said, it’s the rarity features that attract the collectors and enhance the price and popularity of the NFTs. Some of the most commonly used tools to check NFT rarity are discussed here.

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