NFT Marketing Guide: All You Need to Know About Marketing Your NFTs!

NFT Marketing Guide: All You Need to Know About Marketing Your NFTs!

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are growing in popularity at an astronomical pace. They show no signs of slowing down. With the hype around NFTs increasing, budding artists and brands are trying their hands at this sport. While designing your NFT might be relatively simple with abundant user-friendly software available, the key challenge to be addressed is marketing them. Well, the stupendous growth in NFT art led to the emergence of NFT marketing agencies. In this article, we delve into the various NFT marketing strategies to promote your digital assets. Let’s get started.


What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, NFTs are digital assets stored on a blockchain that help you gain ownership of digital collectibles like artwork, videos, audio, and more. The blockchain technology that underpins the non-fungible tokens makes them unique and grants complete ownership to the buyers.


Advantages of NFT Marketing

NFT marketing offers various benefits, which include the following:

Create brand awareness – NFT marketing plays a pivotal role in increasing your prospects. If you have a unique NFT project, use marketing techniques and create brand awareness.

Increase audience reaches – By using various marketing channels like social media, emails, and more, you can extend your outreach and grow your audience.

Boost Sales – You need to craft a specific and effective marketing strategy to promote your NFT collectibles. This would bring in more buyers and increase your revenue.


Top NFT Marketing Strategies

Non-fungible tokens – be it art, collectibles, videos, music – anything, are unique. They are a special category of assets – digital assets – which need to be marketed in a different way to attract buyers. Your focus must be to boost sales by increasing the demand for your assets. This requires you to chalk out an effective marketing plan with the right mix of strategies to derive the desired outcomes. Some of the leading NFT marketing strategies include:

Use Social Media

One of the cost-effective and efficient ways to promote your NFT collections or assets is by resorting to social media. Reach out to a bunch of influencers on Twitter or Discord and plan out a budget with them. Next, create a group of loyal followers on these channels. Likewise, create your NFT communities on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more to spread awareness about your brand and digital assets. Additionally, use giveaways, conduct contests, and share interesting videos and press releases to keep your audience engaged and bring in more of them. Keep track of your competitor’s activities to understand how they share their NFTs.

Leverage the potential of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps promote your non-fungible tokens on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. By creating primary keywords for your non-fungible tokens and investing in SEO, you can increase their visibility in the organic search. This, in turn, would rate them higher on Google’s rank and boost your branding.

Develop a robust ad campaign

Compared to SEO, pay-per-click ad campaigns result in faster and more efficient outcomes. It’s a great marketing strategy to use paid ads on search engines and social media to increase your NFT sales. All you need to do is attract and reach out to the right prospects who would be interested in buying your digital assets. Use channels like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to post ads and increase your brand presence. It makes sense to tap the potential of PPC and SEO techniques to extract the maximum benefits of NFT marketing and turn prospects into investors of your collectibles.

Build a community

One of the best NFT marketing strategies targeted at increasing your brand presence is to build your NFT community. Start by collaborating with NFT creators and enthusiasts on various channels like Twitter, Discord, or Instagram. Share your NFT project ideas and try receiving opinion polls from the members on social media. Additionally, you may use NFT shilling to reward people on several NFT platforms and enhance your sales over time.

Try contributing to guest posts

Various crypto and blockchain websites are constantly on the lookout for guest posting contributors. You can create content and contribute to these websites. When they post your content, it creates a link to your website. This way, by gradually contributing more content to various sites, you get an opportunity to market your NFT assets. Guest posting lets you establish credibility as your content would start ranking on Google over a period of time, thereby passing referral traffic to your main website. In the course of time, the referral traffic would increase your branding and drive more sales.

Use Video Marketing

You can use video marketing techniques to boost your NFT sales. Create a short, ideally less than 30 seconds video of your NFT project or asset to attract buyers. Include some interesting images of your non-fungible tokens, a crisp voice-over, and some entertaining background music to hook the audience. Make sure you talk about the “wow” aspects of your NFTs to target more buyers or investors. Teaser videos are gaining a lot of prominence these days as they hold enormous potential to drive customer traffic.

Use NFT Launchpads

NFT Launchpads are specialized platforms that allow artists or creators to mint and release their NFT projects. There are a plethora of NFT Launchpads, such as NFTlaunch, NFTPad, NFTb, and more, that help artists in reaching to a niche audience.

Try a PR Campaign

Press releases for non-fungible tokens are an outstanding way to spread awareness about your project and win the trust of investors. Various publications like CoinDesk, NFT Radar, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and NFT News Today allow you to publish your NFT PR. Having your press releases published in these high-authority publications lets you reference them as “Featured On” on your websites. This adds to the credibility of your NFT projects, thereby attracting more investors and enthusiasts.

Do Blogging

Blogging is one of the lucrative strategies of NFT marketing. While non-fungible tokens are quite popular, there’s still a lot of information sought by people worldwide. That said, you can leverage your blogs to create awareness and provide more useful information to NFT enthusiasts. Blogging lets you reach your prospects at different stages of the sales funnel. You can create comprehensive and actionable blogs that provide detailed insight to readers on various aspects of NFTs. Use appropriate Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to elicit responses or inputs from visitors.

Use NFT Roadmaps

NFT roadmaps offer significant information by outlining the major milestones in the NFT project, including events, features, and updates. By reaching your targeted audience with a well-crafted roadmap, you enhance credibility as the prospects would consider the project authentic. Make sure that once you are clear with the NFT roadmap, you are ready to share it with your NFT community to raise awareness.

Create NFT Airdrops

While there are several NFT marketing strategies, one of the most effective free ways of promoting NFTs is through airdrops. As the competition for NFTs gets stiffer, more and more brands are adopting this technique to attract investors, buyers, and enthusiasts.

Use NFT Calendar

As the craze for NFTs intensifies, NFT collectors and investors vie to buy the first unique collections. You can use NFT calendars to add drops and create excitement by publicizing the launch date of the NFT collection. This would motivate the investors and collectors to rush to buy the unique set of initially launched NFTs.

Take the help of NFT Newsletters

Newsletters are another interesting way to share the details of your project and attract investors. Most blockchain companies send out regular newsletters to target audiences highlighting information on crypto happenings, NFT stories, and more. You can reach your prospects by getting news on your business published in these newsletters. Additionally, you may enclose a white paper of your project with details to gain the credibility of the potential investors.

Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool to market your NFT assets on a limited budget. You need to partner with affiliates whom you give a certain portion of the profit or commission to bring sales for you. Try understanding your competitors’ affiliate marketing strategies and leverage them to enhance your NFT profits.

Employ Giveaway Campaigns

NFT giveaways are highly rewarding strategies used in NFT marketing. It greatly attracts the attention of potential buyers and enthusiasts before your NFT launches. You can promote your NFT projects by conducting giveaways of some physical pieces of your unique art to your potential customers in exchange for marketing your project.

Use Email Marketing

Despite various channels in digital marketing, emails are considered the most robust tools which are highly cost-effective with a significant ROI. All you need to do is identify your target audience, add their mailing addresses to your list, ask them to subscribe, and share informative content regularly. In the course of time, some of them would become active subscribers. You can then personalize your emails and convert them to buyers for your non-fungible assets.

Adopt Cross Marketing

Cross-marketing is essentially a collaboration between brands to enhance revenue by promoting each others’ products or services on platforms like social media. Besides social channels, companies can also use email marketing, referral marketing, or video advertising for cross-marketing. This proves to be a very effective marketing tool for non-fungible tokens.

Use hashtags on social media to promote your NFTs

It makes a lot of difference when you use hashtags for marketing your NFTs on social media. However, make sure to use only the relevant hashtags on the top social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Some commonly used NFT hashtags include #nfts, #nftart, #nftartist, etc.

Start a thread on social media

You can attract the attention of a lot of people on social media by starting a thread on a relevant topic. A thread is essentially a series of posts that you use to convey some meaningful message to your audience. Make sure your thread is informative, engaging, and effective to get maximum responses. This is a great way to draw the attention of prospects and NFT enthusiasts toward your projects.

List your NFT on leading marketplaces

It’s a good idea to list your NFTs on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. A lot of NFT enthusiasts and investors meet on these portals and view the NFT collections, thereby enhancing your chances of gaining a strong customer base.

Add Utility Component to your NFTs

Besides artwork, adding some utility elements to your NFTs can make them more desirable to your buyers. Include some extra functions, such as making NFTs redeemable, or making them usable in the metaverse and enhancing the utility component.


Should you think of working with an NFT marketing agency?

You must be aware that NFT marketing is a different ballgame altogether. There are myriad tools, techniques, and strategies that all must fall in place for your project to be successfully marketed. A single wrong move would result in incurring heavy losses. That said, it is not possible to accomplish everything by yourself. We at imintify, help you with multi-channel marketing alternatives and take your efforts further ahead.

Why should you choose us? Check out the below reasons to know why you need an NFT marketing agency:

You can’t do everything – Being an NFT artist or a company, it may not be possible for you to promote your artwork in the best way.

Cost-effective – Collaborating with an NFT marketing agency is highly cost-effective as you don’t need to maintain an in-house team to take care of all the marketing efforts.

Specialized expertise – We offer highly customized services for PPC, SEO, email marketing, video advertising, influencer marketing, and more. Partnering with us, you can rest assured about your marketing activities.

Unbiased Views – As the agency is a third party, we look at your marketing aspects from a neutral perspective, thereby avoiding any bias.


Wrapping Up

Promoting your NFT project will enhance your brand awareness, boost sales and increase audience reach. Use the effective marketing strategies discussed in the article in the optimal way to reap the maximum benefits.

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