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Create your NFT Website or Minting website in just a few clicks! Easy No-Code NFT Website Generator.

Non-fungible tokens have completely revolutionized the way we look at things. From art and music to fashion and education, they have touched almost all domains of human activity.

That said, NFTs find their true essence only from “minting”. In other words, no minting implies no NFTs!

You may have abundant ideas for crafting your NFTs, yet you are still looking for a place to mint them. No worries. First things first. There are specially designed software known as NFT website generators that make it possible to build your own NFT minting websites. They are simple, easy-to-use, and user-friendly tools.

You don’t need to go about searching for them. We offer the best NFT website generator solutions that help you create your own minting websites. With our NFT website generator, you can launch your NFT minting website in just a minute!

So, let’s get started!

Access List

Minting Website Generator

With our niche NFT minting website generator, you essentially create a one-page basic website. So, what does it include?

  • Your website will be on a subdomain name of your choice
  • Hosting services are included
  • You can create your first page for free!
  • Other premium options include an unbranded logo and more mint pages

To set up your minting website, you need to fill in a few details.

Template: Choose a template that also includes the header style, image backgrounds, etc.

Subdomain Name: Enter your choice of subdomain name.

Website title: Give a relevant title to your website.

Intro text: Fill in a brief introductory text describing your minting website.

SEO title: Suggest an SEO-based title for your website.

SEO Description: Suggest an SEO-relevant description for your minting website.

Social Media Channels: Enter any social media channels you wish to have your website to be tagged to.

Color background: Choose an appropriate background color that best suits your website. Upload any images you want to display on the website.

Color icons/elements: Select appropriate color icons or elements that you think would enhance the aesthetics of your website.

Embed code: Choose the option to embed code if you wish to use it.

Robots: In case you want to avail the option of bots to mint NFTs, select this field.

You are almost done! As a final step, you just need to click the “Generate” button.

Your NFT minting website will launch in a minute! Here you go!

NFT Website Generator

The easiest and fastest way to create your NFT Minting website.

No-code builder

Create your website within 1 minute.

100% Free

The first page you get for Free.

Minting button

Integrated Minting button on your website.

Social media

Integrated Social media accounts.

Dashboard Mint page

Fill in all details you want to add to the Minting website and publish.


Choose out multiple layouts. We offer Free and Premium options. 

Custom Code

Add custom code, scripts or your Mint button you create with us. It is also possible to embed a Mint button from another provider.

Affordable pricing for everyone

No-Code Minting website generator. Start Generating your first page for Free. We offer Free and Premium options. With the premium option you have access to the premium features of all apps.



instant delivery

1 Mint page
Basic templates
Mint button integration
Social media integration
Embed custom code


instant delivery

10 Mint pages
Premium templates
Custom domain
No Watermark
Social media integration
Embed custom code
Other premium apps

Popular questions

FAQ NFT Website Generator

What will be the first steps?

When you want to create a full working NFT Mint website, then you will need a NFT Art collection and connected Smart Contract.

Is the Website Generator for Free?

Yes, you can generate up to 1 website for Free

When do I need to pay?

You only have to pay for the premium features. Your first Minting page will be Free.