Top 10 NFT Projects

Top 10 NFT Projects
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NFT is no longer a buzzword. In recent times, it has garnered a lot of attention from audiences far and wide. NFT projects operate in multiple spaces – gaming, real estate, sports, and more. There are countless upcoming NFT projects. We bring you the details of the most watched-out-for NFTs in 2023. Let’s get started.

Best NFT projects to watch out for in 2023

Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity, the top-notch NFT project, is a gaming metaverse that has garnered massive attention. The game is built around the concept of “Axies”, which are digital pets with various traits. The theme of the game revolves around the players engaging themselves in collecting and breeding these digital pets. Amazingly, each “Axie” is an NFT with unique attributes. Besides, the game is built on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mode wherein players can earn huge money as NFTs or cryptos as they cross various levels. The P2E game uses its native token AXS to reward the players for participation and accomplishments.



Sandbox is a thrilling, fun-filled gaming and metaverse ecosystem wherein users can buy and sell NFTs in the marketplace to make money. Built on the Ethereum blockchain and transactions powered by SAND tokens, this NFT project lets users create new games or sell NFTs to monetize their assets. Sandbox is a pioneer in the crypto gaming space, where players are rewarded for their value to the ecosystem.



Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is based on the idea of allowing users to buy, sell and build virtual land, which is represented by NFTs. The NFT project contains various unique pieces of virtual land, and users can build anything they like on the land. Equipped with its native cryptocurrency, MANA, Decentraland lets users buy, sell and trade in goods and services in the virtual space. In addition, similar to Sandbox, it lets users make money out of their own creations. You have a plethora of opportunities, like earning through unique experiences on your land or using in-game NFT assets.

Art Blocks


Art Blocks are one-of-its-kind NFT projects that focus on creativity, innovation, and artwork development. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, they offer programmable generative art, which is created algorithmically, making it unique, scarce, and highly valuable. This NFT platform gained significant popularity as it focuses on the art niche, and some of its most sought-after pieces have sold out for millions of dollars. Its importance to art, creativity, and new ideas has earned it a special reputation in the NFT industry.



Metacade is a new and upcoming NFT platform that intends to create the largest P2E virtual arcade in the metaverse. It aims to offer high doses of exciting challenges by bringing gamers together with a set of gaming enthusiasts and making a helluva of money! Powered by its utility and governance token, MCADE, it opens the gateways for enthusiasts to hold the tokens. An interesting feature of this NFT platform is “Metagrants”, its flagship program that lets developers share their ideas with the Metacade community. The MCADE holders will select the best ideas through voting, and subsequently, the selected projects will be funded.

Ape Coin


The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which gained a lot of momentum and popularity, has its native token, Ape Coin (APE), which serves various purposes. First, it’s the cryptocurrency fuelling the platform and enabling users to make purchases, participate in events and play awesome games. Second, it helps the APE DAO, enabling the APE holders to vote on the protocol’s future. This platform comes up with interesting NFT projects regularly, and such releases are anticipated in 2023 as well.

Fight Out


Fight Out is an upcoming NFT game focusing on fitness and gaming in the Web3 space. It offers you the opportunity to make yourself fit by training yourself and your avatar. To get started, you need to start training and earn REPS. These REPS let you upgrade and earn points. Once you feel prepared, you can compete in various gameplays and earn FGHT tokens, its native cryptocurrency. The NFT project kicked off with amazing pre-sales of $6.2 million and is expected to surge higher. Join the waitlist to get going with earning from the platform.



CryptoBlades is an upcoming role-playing game that works on multiple blockchains like BNB Chain, Polygon, and AVAX. The game offers never-ending doses of fun-filled thrill and adventure that keeps players engaged. It lets players win battles, combat challenges and earn SKILL tokens. In addition, the platform offers the option to make money by staking SKILL tokens or exchanging them for other cryptos. CryptoBlades has gained a lot of popularity, with its player base on the rise and developers adding new features to impart a rewarding player experience.

MetaMasters Guild


As a mobile-based, Web3 gaming arena, the MetaMasters Guild (MMG) aims to build a decentralized ecosystem for games that reward players for their participation or achievements. The gaming platform offers its native cryptocurrency, $MEMAG, for its players. Users can encash or reinvest their earnings into the ecosystem. Some leading games in the pipeline are Mega Masters World and Meta Kart Racers.



Metopia is an investment platform in the metaverse that lets you earn from virtual real estate. It offers various services in the real estate environment, including advertising, development, and hosting in Web3 spaces.

Wrapping up

Non-fungible tokens are soon becoming a norm. From gaming and music to sports and real estate, they are everywhere. This ubiquity of NFT projects will only rise higher, bringing more enthusiasts into this mesmerizing space. With Web 3.0 already in, these digital assets are here to play a significant role in the metaverse.

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