Thirdweb to accelerate Web3 gaming with Amazing New GamingKit

Thirdweb to accelerate Web3 gaming with Amazing New GamingKit

Web3 developer platform Thirdweb is launching a GamingKit, especially for Web3 developers, in collaboration with Coinbase. The goal of Thirdweb is to cover the complete Web3 development stack through this partnership. The company strongly believes that by ensuring the same level of high-quality features in Web3 gaming as was in traditional games, the former could gain widespread adoption.

Through GamingKit, Thirdweb aims to reduce the blockchain complexity involved in Web3 gaming and thereby accelerate its development, as this step would enable gaming studios to craft more amazing gaming experiences for users. In its partnership with Coinbase, Thirdweb intends to offer the best development tools to Web3 game developers that would impart a rewarding user experience to players. For example, GamingKit will use Coinbase’s payment infrastructure, making it easier for developers to accept credit card payments for crypto assets, thus reducing the barriers caused by the blockchain ecosystem.

Thirdweb believes that Web3 is the future of gaming essentially because of the interoperability of blockchain games. While the traditional games were based on a centralized server, Web3 games reside on blockchains, which serve as the same backend for all games built on them. Consequently, game assets represented by NFTs can be made to be interoperable across environments across the same blockchain. The interoperability of gaming assets can result in tremendously expanding the gaming universes, much more than the traditional games.

In addition, the company aims to enhance the growth of the space by providing the essential tools to developers to create blockchain games that will add more users to the Web3 platform.


Thirdweb CTO, Jake Loo says:

“We firmly believe Web3 is the future of gaming. GamingKit will accelerate the growth of the space by equipping developers with tools to build games which will onboard millions onto Web3 gaming.”

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