How to promote your NFT project?


NFT revolution transformed the ways of expression – art, music, fashion – everything. The fever is rising high with more people engaging in trading NFTs. One primary reason for the stupendous growth in NFT trends is the perception of the common public that NFTs – artwork and collectibles – can be created and easily sold out to make huge money. While this is partly true, in reality, to tap the potential of NFT and to get good sales, you need to promote your NFT project. In this article, we look at the two key ways to promote your NFT project with NFT Marketing free and paid. Let’s get started.

Free promotion

Social Media Campaigns

To promote your NFT project, it’s good to be active on social media. While you could opt for organic followers, however, the world would know the true essence of your NFT project only when you engage a huge fan following who are real connoisseurs of your art. Choose social channels like TikTok, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, and more to spread awareness about your work and promote your NFT project. Make sure you get started with campaigning much before the drop so that people know the details of your project and let their friends or acquaintances know about it as well.

Web 3.0 Podcasts

Another awesome way to promote your NFT project is to participate in podcasts organized on Web3 and blockchain platforms such as Twitter Spaces Talks and Twitch discussions. You could educate the audience more elaborately on your project through these channels.

Featuring on weekly drops

Yet another option is to regularly get your NFT artwork featured on weekly drops on certain online marketplaces like KnownOrigin. As an artist, you get an opportunity to let your fans view and gauge the quality of your artwork, thereby opening the gateways to promote your NFT project. In addition, these are also advertised on social media channels. However, keep in mind that it’s quite a tough task as there are many talented artists out there but just a few slots available per week.

Paid Promotions

Promote your NFT project on special social channels

While there are several social media channels, some channels Twitter and Instagram, are dedicated to promoting NFT projects. Some of these media have a large audience which could boost your NFT promotion. However, you need to check this option thoroughly as these might not be as effective as a paid article since most members on these may not be real.

Team up with NFT influencers

Quite often, people love being offered recommendations for projects from successful and renowned NFT influencers. A great idea, though a bit costly, would be to partner up with an influencer and jointly spread awareness about your NFT project. While you certainly have to shell out a good amount, it’s worth the effort.

Paid PR article

One of the amazing ways to showcase and promote your NFT project is to have a paid article on a themed website. There are quite a few news websites that have specific niches like NFTs, where well-drafted articles are published. Having a detailed article on your project on such a website would add more professionalism and authenticity to your NFT project. In addition, these websites would also have their social media pages where they would publish these articles. So, you get the dual benefit of promoting your NFT project!

Wrapping up

Until you become a big shot in the NFT arena, you need to relentlessly promote your NFT project to reap the benefits. Check out the NFT promotion strategies outlined in the article to achieve your project objectives.

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