NFT Necklace: Jeweler creates gold necklace with NFT pendant amid the digital art frenzy

NFT Necklace: Jeweler creates gold necklace with NFT pendant amid the digital art frenzy
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NFTs, blockchains, metaverse, AR, VR, blockchains – all are moving fast! They all hold the tremendous potential to revolutionize almost anything and everything. That said, when we talk of NFTs, it’s possible to have digital-physical frames, glasses or so many other items embedded with an NFT.

Have you ever wondered if NFTs could be a part of your jewelry? Yes. Wearing a necklace with a digital screen is very much possible. Recently, a Los Angeles-based jeweler went viral on CryptoTwitter when they posted about a necklace design with a small digital screen to store your NFT.

These creative people, Ivy J Jewellers, are already in the business of creating all types of jewelry, watches, rings, and more. The jewelers gained so much traction and significance in the NFT community on Instagram that they changed their name to ‘NFT Jeweller’. At present, the highest bid on the necklace on Rarible is $5,888.24 (3WETH). Innovative minds and creative ideas are taking the enthusiasm of the connoisseurs of jewelry to unscalable heights.

The wearer can flaunt their NFT digital asset using a 14k gold Apple watch. A 14k gold chain is attached to the device that makes it appear sparkling.

The necklace combines your favorite digital asset with your favorite physical asset,” the creator Ivy J Jewellers wrote in an Instagram post. In addition, the locket also includes a custom engraving of the QR code that directs to the wearer’s crypto wallet.

The locket was put up for auction at 6ETH, however, Ivy J Jewellers canceled the auction before anyone could place a bid. The futuristic bling had mesmerized thousands of crypto enthusiasts on Twitter and many were already dreaming of being able to show off their digital art in such an ostentatious manner.

However, there were also mixed opinions about the necklace on the Twitter thread. While some appreciated the idea calling it the best invention of the decade, others condemned it as a symbol of stupidity on NFTs. Some who were willing to spend a huge amount of money on this expressed their views:

“I would pay ungodly money for this, and eventually I will, and then shortly after that, I will be known as the guy who spent ungodly money on this because this will be normal. What a cool future ahead man.”

  • Definitely, Not Will (@illtech8)

Some even questioned if the necklace really represented an innovation in the NFT world. It is possible to have any image or video on the apple watch, without the wearer actually owning the digital asset.

It’s a cool way to display but can’t I just download the same stuff and put it on my apple watch and mount it on a gold chain or watch or something? Like, the fact that what you are looking at is an NFT is kind of an afterthought and in the grand scheme is just not very important.”

 NFTs redefine the idea of differentiation in our lives. It is no longer restricted to only rare physical items that are difficult, or most of the time, impossible to own. They have extended the concept to rarities in digital collectibles and items. The real Mona Lisa painting can only be seen at the Louvre, while NFTs could still be owned by not-so-affluent people.

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