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As the popularity of NFTs goes up , even schools and educators are vying for ways to accommodate digital property into classrooms. NFTs primarily gained significance with artists who could create and sell them, this monetizing their work and securing a public record of ownership.

While NFTs aren’t very common among the teaching fraternity, some educators are exploring the options to utilize this tool. Some applications of NFT in the education domain include creating and distributing animation images developed by students or NFT textbooks and such. Digital textbooks can be resold, and royalties could be earned on each resale.

Some schools are already putting NFTs to use in various applications. The main aspect of blockchain that finds itself most utilized is the decentralized ledger. This helps keep a publicly accessible record of educator profiles and student achievements. In addition, it prevents students from falsifying their academic credentials or certifications.

Likewise, say a teacher or educator delivered a difficult area excellently, they could be rewarded NFTs, which may contain information on their achievements. These could serve as a permanent record throughout their academic career and maybe beyond. Yet another example is to create engagement platforms to foster motivation by issuing NFT badges when students achieve certain grades or accomplish some key milestones.

Additionally, schools can develop digital projects or books and sell them as NFTs on the blockchain. The funds obtained could be used towards student development activities. Besides, some educators also use NFT tokens to reward their students. These tokens don’t possess a monetary value. Instead, they represent academic achievements like a student clearing the exam, for instance. The NFT contains unique information on the student’s performance.

Education sectors across the globe are considering instilling creativity not only in art but also in the fields of entrepreneurship and business development. The best way to achieve that would be to infuse the concepts of emerging technologies like blockchains, NFTs, and cryptocurrency into the curriculum.

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