10 NFT Best Marketplaces

10 NFT Best Marketplaces

The frenzy around NFTs on a meteoric rise has also led to a growth in the number of marketplaces. With a plethora of NFT platforms, you might be wondering which one to look for, where to buy or sell your creations, and more.

You are in the right place. Read through the below sections to understand the features and offerings of the 10 best NFT marketplaces. When you want to create your own NFT Marketplace checkout our builder.

1. Opensea


Opensea is the first and largest NFT marketplace and an absolute place for any creator to start with. It allows creators and artists without any curation. As the name suggests, it supports over 150 payment tokens and all forms of digital assets, collectibles, and NFTs. In addition, Opensea provides an easy-to-use interface with a free sign-up and allows you to browse its extensive offerings.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it charges a platform fee of 2.5%, with gas-free minting. It also lets you set your royalty payments for secondary sales while supporting the Buy It Now and Timed auction styles.

However, as there’s no curation, beginner creators must be capable of marketing and promoting their NFTs.

2. Rarible


Rarible is a large and relatively easy NFT marketplace where you can get accepted as an artist if you are new to the crypto art realm. Like Opensea, it supports all crypto-collectibles, including NFTs, music, art, video, and more. However, unlike Opensea, it uses its native token RARI, which you need, to buy, sell or trade on the Rarible platform. 

The idea behind having the token is to encourage and reward active platform users and promote the marketplace. You need to submit various details on a form to be a verified creator on the Rarible platform.

Like Opensea, Rarible, too, is supported on the Ethereum network and charges a platform fee of 2.5%, excluding the gas fee. In the auction modes, it allows Buy It Now, and Open-ended offers.

In terms of payment tokens, besides RARI, it supports $WETH,$DAI, $ETH, and $ATRI. In addition, Rarible permits its creators to set royalties values for secondary sales.

Rarible has partnered with various leading companies like Adobe, Taco Bell, and more.

3. SuperRare


SuperRare is a highly sophisticated NFT marketplace, especially for CryptoArt. Unlike Opensea, which is a general platform allowing everyone to join, SuperRare sets high expectations for its members. If you wish to be an artist in this marketplace, you must be well-established with a strong social media presence. In addition, you need to fill in the details on the application form, and if selected, you will be invited to join. However, though the selection process might seem daunting, if you get to join, your art will be more easily visible to CryptoArt collectors than on other marketplaces.

Built on Ethereum, SuperRare charges an 18% fee, where 15% goes to the gallery and 3% to the marketplace, excluding the gas fee.

It offers a 10% royalty on secondary sales while supporting various auction styles like Open-ended offers, Scheduled auctions, Reserve auctions, and Buy It Now. 

4. MakersPlace


MakersPlace is a curated NFT platform that provides a moderate difficulty level to be accepted as an artist. If you wish to apply to sell your creations on this site, you may join the MakersPlace Discord community, and once you receive an invite, you get started. However, the platform usually takes expert artists, musicians, or other talented people as its members.

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports $ETH and credit cards for payments. MakersPlace charges a fee of 15% on every sale and an additional 2.9% on purchases made through a credit card. 

It provides a 10% royalty and supports timed auctions only.

5. KnownOrigin


KnownOrigin is a curated CryptoArt marketplace that ranges from moderate-to-high level difficulty in being accepted as an artist on the platform. Unlike other platforms, you don’t require a heavy social media following. However, a strong portfolio of creative work is needed for sure. In addition, this platform offers a ‘trending’ feature to showcase which artist or artwork is currently in demand on the KnownOrigin ecosystem.

Resting on the Ethereum blockchain, it charges a fee of 15% on every primary sale and 2.5% for secondary sales, excluding gas fees.

While it supports the Buy It Now and timed auction styles, KnownOrigin offers a 12.5% royalty on secondary sales.

6. Art Blocks


Art Blocks is a unique NFT platform specializing in generative art. You need to be good at coding as it requires the creators to code and merges it with the platform to generate various combinations of art. Yet, another interesting fact is collectors aren’t aware beforehand of what they can buy. They need to mint the token to see what they have in store. The idea is to give an equal opportunity to all collectors, which some may otherwise be unable to afford.

Built on the Ethereum platform, it charges a 10% fee on every sale, excluding the gas fee. Art Blocks doesn’t have the option of auctions, but it lets creators set their royalty values. 

It is an ideal platform for anyone excellent at generative NFT art.

7. Portion


Launched in 2018, a famous gallery popular among DC comics artists, Portion is one of the few platforms that charge no fee on the sales from artists. Built on the Ethereum platform, it is ideal for well-known artists with an excellent social media presence. 

Portion follows the traditional auction style and allows creators to set their royalties.

8. Mintable


Backed by billionaire Mark Cuban, Mintable is an NFT marketplace supporting all kinds of crypto assets, including art, music, videos, collectibles, and more. It offers a gasless minting and is an apt choice for beginner artists who can manage the marketing of their creations.

Built on the Ethereum network, it charges a 2.5% fee on normal items, 5% on gasless items, and 10% on printable series, excluding gas fees. 

It supports several auction styles like Timed auction, Buy It Now, and traditional auction. In addition, Mintable offers its artists a 5% royalty on every secondary sale.

9. Nifty Gateway


Nifty Gateway is the top NFT platform that sets very high standards for becoming an artist on it. It covers all kinds of crypto assets – art, collectibles, music, videos, and more- offering the most exclusive works to its collectors. Usually, it takes only top-class artists, musicians, photographers, etc., as its creators.

Nifty Gateway charges a fee of 5% plus 30 cents on every secondary sale. $ETH, debit cards, and credit cards are the supported payment modes. Among the auction styles, it provides for timed, Buy It Now, and Silent auctions.

10. Foundation


Having garnered significant attention, Foundation is a community-curated NFT marketplace where creators and collectors offer invites to new artists to join. It has become the coveted choice for most artists. Foundation is an ideal platform for anyone who possesses great talent and wants to create a mark.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it charges a 15% fee on each sale, excluding the gas fee. The auction on Foundation works such that an artist sets a reserve price, and once the reserve is met, a 24-hour auction begins.

The platform is expected to launch a 10% royalty feature on secondary sales soon.

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